Never Fly Alone II

Everytime I take a flight to Michigan, there is always someone interesting sitting next to me on the flight.

This time, I met someone who shared a very similar point of view to the world and with a very simliar level of consciousness.

Last Thursday, as usual, I had my book and my mp3 player with me on the flight.
(Just in case, my intuition wasn't correct and the person who sat next to me didn't want to talk to me ;) ).
And the gentleman who sat next to me was reading a really thick book, like 2 inches thick.

So I asked him,"Oh, what book are you reading?"

And he told me it was a thriller in German.
Then I was intrigued and asked, "Are you from Germany?"
That's how we started our conversation for an hour and a half.

It's interesting enough to share our opinions on History, the World Politics, and how to make a difference to the world, even though we barely knew each other.

Probably this is what Keith Ferrazzi talked about on Never Eat Alone---Building relationship by sharing your passion.

On the note of making a difference, I read this article, How to make a difference by Scott Berkun, earlier and it had some good thoughts.

"Money can come and go, but my time on this planet is finite.How I spend my time, or who I spend it with means more than anything else in my my time is the most valuable gift I can give."

I think this pretty much explains why a person would choose a job with lesser pay, but closer to friends and family.

And here's another part that I like on giving thanks and show appreciation to people:

"it takes a better man to acknowledge goodness in others than it does to merely be good oneself. Anyone can criticize or accept praise, but initiating a positive exchange is a hallmark of a difference maker."

Thanks Ralf, for sharing your experience to me on the flight.

You are my new-found life-long friend now!