Someone you should know in Actuarial Science--Professor Stuart Klugman

There are always rock stars in each industry. The IT industry has Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley and we have Dr. Stuart Klugman in Actuarial Science. Professor Klugman served as the Vice President of Society of Actuary (SOA) from 2001 to 2003 and he is also the author of several actuarial textbooks. Professor Klugman is my professor and academic advisor since I was a sophomore and I had a Stat class, a Theory of Interest class, and two Life Contengency classes with him at Drake over the last 5 semesters.

Personally, I think Professor Klugman ROCKS! As a Drake Alumni back in 1970s (who transferred from Florida and also served as an unpaid assistant director in Sports Information of football and basketball at Drake)and also a Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Honor Society)member, he showed me an example of what it meant to be somebody.

I had a chance to chat with him the other day and here are some advice he offered to actuarial students who are still in college:

1. It takes more than passing actuarial exams to get an internship or a full-time job.
2. GPA is very important too!
3. Get involved---join some clubs or organizations and be active on campus.
(My note: you want to have stories to tell during the interview right?)
(The exams that you passed and your GPA get you into the door of the interview room, but the stories you tell get you an offer.)

Here are some advice from Professor Klugman to recent graduates:
1. Keep advancing your skills.
2. Acquire more exams (now exams come into place).
3. Watch the trends of the industry and the economy overall.

Thanks, Professor Klugman! I hope this posting will offer some help to students who are looking for a sense of direction in the actuarial studies.

Thanks, Leslie Jarvi and DASS for passing this posting to other actuarial students who might be interested to my blog.

Useful Link:
Advice to Beginning Actuarial Students


susan said...

Get involved - it caught my idea. My point of view is we should continue this habit even we are not in school. This is a great way of enhancing our professional skills. Just like professor Klugman involves actively in SOA. Great way of contributing to society too. Enjoy your semester!

Kay said...

This is really a serious note to put in a blog. My blog is filled with my random emotions;) I really cannot compare mine with yours

Good job, Yukki!

Rastaman01 said...

Definitely agree! How do you think I got this job! (Certainly not based on exams)