Pre-Introduction of my next finance presentation

This is my comments on the comments that my team received from our last Finance presentation. I need to put it up here first, just in case I forget my points before the next presentation.

1. Mystery: We were assumed that if we allocated our "show" time equally among the team members during the 45 minutues presentation, we had good teamwork. I was considered talking too little since I was doing the part of the introduction of the industry. And my another teammate was considered talking too much since he was presenting the main part of our project.

Truth: In reality, there's something called the 80-20 Rule. The 80-20 rule (Pareto Principle) states that "
for many phenomena 80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes."

In our presentation, by following this principle, there are only 20% of our materials produce 80% of the results of the project. And undoubtedly, we will only foucs on the 20% that matters.

2. Dress code----yes, we were expected to wear business causual/business professional during the presentation. And everyone's definition of business causal can be different. Our team were being critiqued that our dress code was not unified because one of our team member wore khaki pants and the others wore sports jackets and ties.

My view: How often do you get to present your project to "the board of directors (class)" and not in your suits? Never! We are supposed to make as many mistakes as we could while we are in college, right? And hence, the experience of dressing too casual in our last presentation is priceless to us because you don't really get to do this in the real world.

3. Q&A session---since it is our presentation and we set our own rules here. Although "there are no dumb questions nor dumb answers" in the classroom, please ask intelligent or sensible questions only. We reserve the rights to entertain queston like " What is your favourite pizza?" or questions seems bizzard to our standard.

Instead of saying the simplest answer "We don't know", we will try to come up with some creative answers to entertain your interesting questions.

Presentation could be boring enough when the presenters just read the scripts off their note cards or from the screen, especially the presentation topic is the least concerning to you.

Why presentation has always been the same style and same format? Definitely, I will challenge the norm in my team's second presentation.