What a day, what a day, it's my birthday today!

I have so much love and blessings from my friends and family today. My parents, my brother, and my grandma and my best friend called me up, two times yesterday and one time today to ask me how my birthday was. I got some birthday wishes from my co-workers today and I went out for a wonderful dinner with my friends this evening. Oh, of course I received some really cute and nice (and also practical) presents too, like strawberry body lotion, cucumber facial masks, candies, and photo frame.

Thanks everybody, I love you all!

I think this quote really discribed how I see about my birthday:

" Don't think of it as another birthday, think of it as the anniversary of the day the world was graced with your presense!"

Thank you everyone, once again, for appreciating my greatness! (I know you agree with me if you are my friends;) )

From this birthday onwards, I started a new "tradition", I will buy a present to a friend for a plesant surprise (just because). Of course I will still receive the gifts from all of you gladly and gratefully, yet giving is an additionally way to share my joy and happiness for being here and having a freind like you.

And Tian Tian, Janine, Danby, and Sheau Chin, thanks for being patient with me even though I made a mistake at the intersection. I know, I could almost get a ticket on my birthday.


James said...

I've only been reading your blog for a month, but I wish you the very happiest of birthdays!

(I'd send a cake, but I can't squeeze it through the Internet!)