Actuarial Jokes

By popular demand (okay, just two people, Joel and Janine), I am going to post some actuarial jokes today--Since it's Sunday.

This is my favourite actuarial joke---

"What is the difference between an introverted actuary and an extroverted actuary?

An introverted actuary stares at his own feet during a conversation,

while an extroverted one stares at the other person's feet."

Another one:

Of course I won't tell anyone. I'm like the exponential distribution, I have the memoryless property."

What's your favourite actuarial joke?

Another funny link:
50 Ways to fail an Actuarial Exam with Style


James said...

Two jokes:

a) What does CPA Stand for?

"Can't Pass Actuarial exams."

b) How does an accountant liven up a party? He invites an actuary.