Dress like someone special

Last week, I went for a seminar offered by my business school. The topic of the seminar was "Eat and Dress like someone special".

We were given a hand-out, "The Rules of Appearance"--some pointers to students who want to leave a well-dressed prof impage.

I was astounded when I was reading this point:

"Wear makeup. Research by two economics professors indicates that women who wear tastefully-applied makeup earn 20 to 30% more than those who wear no makeup at all."

Oh my, let say a female actuary might make 6 figures in a few years after all the exams.
If the study is universally true and can be applied to all professionals, Does it mean a female actuary who wears makeup will make about $30000 more than an actuary without makeup?

I'd better learn how to do a business makeup in 10 minutes every morning! LOL

I was trying to find the research done by these two economic professors, but I couldn't find anything on google yet.

Though I'm alittle bit doubtful for the credibility of this research quoted by this handout,
the point is---how you look matters and looking as good as you can is your business.

Ok, for guys, here's a good tip from the hand-out:

"Always match your shoes and belt."

P.S. Thanks James for the link of Dress Speak for Women. It's very helpful!

So according to this article, the rule of thumb is

"In general, business presentation make-up should add life to your face without calling attention to the fact that you are wearing make-up."

Any thoughts on it, any makeup experts out there?

The Sideroad
Dress Speak for Women


James said...

This reminds me of two experiments described in Paul Fussell's book "Class".

In the first experiment, a man was asked to pretend he lost his wallet at a train station and ask for fare home.

The first trial, the man did not wear a tie. He earned some spare change, but not enough to earn fare home. The second trial, the man wore a tie. Not only was he given enough change to get home, but someone bought him a newspaper as well.

In the second experiment, men were given the same resumes to apply for a job. When interviewed, half of the men wore ties to the interview and half did not.

Six of the men wearing ties were offered the job. NONE of the men not wearing ties were offered the job. One of the men not wearing a tie was actually asked by the interview to buy a tie and come back! (he still didn't get the job.)

As for wearing makeup...I'm not an expert on makeup. However, you might find this page interesting:


Terymun said...

im no expert in make up but i find foundation & balck mascara is pretty sufficient for everyday 10min routine as it mask facial flaws and highlight your eyes (yet still look natural enough without shouting out to everyone that you have painted your face). add some blushs and lip gloss if you look a little pale on some days.