A Concern from a Hiring Actuary

Before I told you the concern from this actuary,
this is my reflection here in case you don't have time to read further.

There are two kinds of differentiation an actuarial student needs to know:
Knowing how to differentiate from Calculus helps you pass an exam,
and knowing how to differentiate yourself will get you an offer.

A hiring actuary had a concern---
about the quality of Drake students' resumes and cover letters.
He said "Typos in your resumes and emails are hard to overlook.
Even though you have a GPA 4.0 and 3 exams,
you may not receive a call from the company."

I agreed with the recruiter's comment.
Like what my professor suggested,
"The job market for actuarial students is getting more competitive,
a good GPA and exams passed are not adequate to generate multiple offers."

Lessons learned ---
1. Everything you sent to your future employer is going to be reviewed.
I still remembered someone once told me their company still had the thank-you cards I sent to them when I was a sohpomore.

2. Start your own personal branding project now.
Think about how can you stand out to be the Big Moo (to be remarkable).