Plans After Graduation

Ok, a lot of people are curious what I'm going to do for my two months vocation before I start working. Here you go:

I'm planning to be a "Martha Stewart" for a week or two to decorate my new place and to learn how to cook.

Then probably I'll use another week to figure out and test drive the fastest route from my place to the office (it's about 30 minutes drive according to mapquest, but considering myself as a new driver in a big city, I'll give myself alittle bit more time at the beginning, and hence an ipod will be my best friend during my commute ;) )

Definitely I'll check out a toastmaster club in my area so I can polish up my public speaking and presentation skill to have a jump start of my consulting career.

And I'll join the Y or a gym near by to keep phsically fit. I read it from Jeffrey Fox book - "How to become a CEO", he said, "Your brain will make you money, but your body carries your brain. And 90% of all people climbing the corporate ladder are out of shape" How true it is.

I'm also planning to finish all the books written by Guy Kawasaki, he's an Venture Capitalist and he was also an Apple Evengelist. Though it seems actuaries and VCs are from two different spectrums. I'm very inspired by his passion in entrepreneurism.

And one more thing--Travelling, hopefully I can find a friend to go to the East Coast this time.


James said...

So what kind of actuary will you be? Life? Health? Property and Casualty? Can you give us any details?