What kind of Actuary do I want to be?

I'll be working for a pension/retirement consulting firm.
I don't have any prior experience about pension consulting,
but I love the consulting business environment
and the range of locations I can choose to work at.
(James was right about the long working hours from his job interview,
I heard the same comments from different sources as well).

Working long hours does't really bother me that much
as long as I'm staying in the city I like
and I'm doing something I love.
(I'm a successaholic !;))
The experience of working in a consulting firm is very valuable
because things I'll learn from consulting are transferrable to my other future careers.

I knew a Drake alumni, who used to work for a consulting firm
and later on he became the president of an life insurance company.

I am interning in a P&C insurance company this year,
but before that I was interning with a regional accounting firm
and also with a financial service firm.
After all, I still prefer working in a smaller office setting.

I may not want to be an actuary all of my life,
But in the next 6 years (at least), I'm aspiring to be an actuarial consultant.