Thoughts after reading "When to Walk Away by Keith Ferrazzi"

Two years ago, when I was at a campus actuarial job fair,
I came across with someone who made me feel really unwelcomed.
He represented a very big insurance company,
He passed his exams very successfully,
and became a Fellow within 3-4 years after college.

But when I came up to his booth and started to introduce myself,
for the entire time, he did not look at me at all.
I thought every professional should know this basic rule by heart--
"maintain good eye contacts to people you first met" from Day 1!
(later on, I found out he treated most of the students the same way)

Like what Ferrazzi experienced last month, I also had the same question,
"when someone was really mean to you by surprise, what would you do?"

now, I know---there's always an option to walk away.

Lesson learned:
"Just because you are superior doesn't mean you can disrepect anybody."

Thank you DC for offering the quote above.


Anonymous said...

cool! Thanks for crediting me~ LOL