Who is in your advisory council?

My friend CL shared an interesting idea with me last night.
She said, "When you start working,
the tasks and the work itself are not that complicated.
What is complicated is the human relationships.
All the books you read may not be enough to understand it.
So the key is ---when in doubt, ask around."

Luckily, over these few years, I had met some fantastic people that I can seek advice now and in the future.

These are the groups of people that are in my "YY advisory council" for now:
1. Parents
2. Friends who are more experienced in the workforce
(or genearlly friends who are older than I am ;))
3. Classmates who have expertise in some specific areas
4. Professors (Finance, Actuarial Science, Marketing)
5. Alumni
6. Host Family

These are the people who want to see you to be successful.
More than often, they offer you invaluable advice/solution which you have never thought about.