Please, Spell My Name Right

I noticed there is one thing in common
when people are dealing with a foreign name---
they tend to mispell it and mispronounce it.

In the last three days,
I received emails addressing my name incorrectly--
Yeuki, Yuki...
once is even worse--Yucky!

Oh boy, I can't stop laughing.
I wish I could tell the people who called me "Yucky"
that one of the K in my name is silent.
(Luckily, my name was pronouced properly on my graduation;))
From now on, I'll make sure I get your name right.

Your name is the first thing you pay attention to right?


James said...

1) What is the phonetic pronunciation of your name?

2) Be glad they didn't call you "Yummi". :)

Anonymous said...

Thats why you should just tell them to call you YYNC ;)...
-Guess who