What should you do on the last day of your Actuarial Internship

On Thursday, someone asked me --
if I was going to bring in treats to the office on Friday.
(Friday was the last day of my Actuarial Internship)

On Friday morning, I drove to a grocery store
and bought two dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts.
(I should have bought more,
since the donuts were gone in half an hour ;))
Then I sent an email to the whole department.
The subject of the email is "Donuts---YYNC's Farewell Treat"

I really enjoyed my time with everyone at work.
And the donuts were my way to say "Thank You".

Maybe we can all use some donuts to wrap up our internships.
I started to believe the Healing Power of Donuts.
People may not remember what projects you did,
but they will always remember you are the intern who brought donuts before you left.