How to make an Actuarial Student Business Card

I know a lot of big schools offered an "academic card" with a school logo to their students.
Since Drake is a small private university,
creativity and individuality are encouraged,
the Associate Dean suggested us to make our own business cards online since Day 1.

So this is how I made my business card:
1. Go to
2. Select a free template
3. Type your info in this format as shown below:
Name of your school,
Name of the business school (if you are in the business school)
Your name
The degree you are going to earn
Your major
Your graduation year
Your phone number
Your email
Your website address (if you have one)

4. I don't suggest to put your address in the card because most college students change their addresses every year and if people really want to send you something, they will ask you first.
(It's also a good way to aviod stalkers ;))

5. If you are not at rush, choose the cheapest shipping ($5.25 as of 5/5/06), which usually takes about two weeks.

So all together, it's $5.25 for 250 business cards, which is about 2 cents per piece.

Most of the time, people are impressed with your business/academic cards!


James said...

Verrrrry useful information.

I told my wife I should have some business cards for myself made up using VistaPrint. She looked at me and said, "why would you need business cards?" But I thinking, hey, for only $5, that's a very nice deal!