The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility on Compliments

This is an compliment I received yesterday---
"I am already convinced you will be very successful. You already possess all the right tools. You are very bright, extremely personable, and I can only assume that there are many who would love to be in your shoes. All you need to do, is to be yourself."

Yes, of course I felt flattered about it when it is from someone I respect.
Thank you.

Here is another compliment I received last week---
"I am very impressed with you. You are both smart and personable...I am certain that you have all the tools to become very successful..."

Did you see any similarities of these two compliments?

Points in Case:
1. When there are so many people telling you the same thing, you do eventually believe in yourself with the positive quatlities. What a great confidence boost!

2. However, we all have a diminishing marginal utility on compliments. The value of a compliment you hear the first time is much higher than the same one you hear the 20th times.

3. If I have to give compliments to others, I'll be very specific and sincere. Yes, right from my heart. The purpose of a compliment is not just making the recepient feel good, but also helping the recepient to understand herself better.

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