Some presentation tips by my finance professor

My finance professor was sharing these two articles with us during our last finance class this morning. The first one is "The 10 Worst Presentation Habits" and the other one is "Six Keys to Commanding Body Language", both were written by Carmine Gallo.

I wish my professor gave out these pointers at the first day of the class because most of the presentations in the class were just so-so. Almost most of us recited the bullet points and read it directly from the notes. One of my team members never showed up with his suit during presentations.

The final advice from my professor--
"You are a lot smarter than you think you are."
"Whether you like it or not, when you are running the company as a CEO or president, you have to be a good presenter and a good speaker."


James said...

Very good links. I learned a few things reading them. The problem will be translating the advice into a classroom lecture setting, where you have to go over notes thoroughly.