Actuaries and Financial Engineering

My professor forwarded this newsletter to us this morning.
Check it out if you have time.

Though this article is mainly focus on how actuaries can apply our skill sets into the field of financial engineering, the writer also commented on the level of difficulty of the actuarial exams.

"Actuarial exams have been described as the most difficult professional exams in the world. No other profession demands as rigious a qualification process."

By taking the actuarial exams,
it speaks for your discipline, persistance and intelligence.
Don't you feel good about it?


James said...

I think physicians and Ph. D students might differ with you regarding the rigor of qualification.

But yes, I can say that actuarial exams are very difficult, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have been considering becoming an Actuary
. Can you tell me a little more about the testing