Getting an actuarial salary in a non-actuarial profession

I just read an article at PaulTips on "How to get a job paying more than $100,000 a year"
As some of you may know, according to the salary survey, most actuaries make more than $100,000 a year after earining the designation and with 4 or 5 years working experience.

The 7 steps that Paul provided in the article sound solid and it may help you to reach the 6 figure salary in your actuarial career sooner:

  1. Choose the right profession (Ok, this is easy, we all want to be an actuary right?)
  2. Get a qualification in your chosen field (For college students, either you can get a degree with actuarial science like I did, or you can get a master degree of actuarial science before you join the workforce and continue to finish up all the actuarial exams)
  3. Choose the right location (Do you know that Hartford, CT and Des Moines, IA are the two cities with the most insurance company headquarters in the US?)
  4. Update and re-edit your resume
  5. Perform well at your interviews, and Gain entry-level experience at your profession. (That's the purpose of getting an internship in some actuarial-related companies. If you are still in college, having an actuarial internship gives you an edge to get multiple offers for full-time positions.)
  6. Take some risks to switch companies and positions
  7. Change companies and jobs again and again.

Also the articles "My 8 best negotiation tips" is a good read too (thanks to the Lifehack link), check it out if you have time.