Put Relevant Book Summaries in Your Actuarial Website

I just saw a link of a book summary of the 7 habits of highly effective people via Lifehack. The book summary is provided by a CPA/Profit Advisor in San Jose, CA. I also browsed through the book reviews session and there are quite a number of book reviews there! When I see this accountant's reading list, I'll assume that he has to read every book there in order to come up with the book reviews. Of course I'm more inclined to hire an accountant who shared the same view of financial independence as I do. It is a very good branding strategy of putting the financial and marketing book reviews in the accounting firm website.

I wonder if an actuarial consulting firm can use a similar strategy in the company website.


James said...

Covey's "Seven Habits" book is so good I recommend actually getting a copy of the book and reading it.