Thoughts after reading "Corporate Confidential by Cynthia Shapiro"

Wow, it's really an eye-opening experience after reading the Corporate Confidential by Cynthia Shapiro. As a student who just graduated from college, I am very excited about my new life in the workplace.

Though my family and friends have told me many happy and horror stories in the office space, I didn't quite see the big picture and did not exactly know what I'm supposed to look out for. I would say this book is a must read for all the college graduates! It's a fun read and all of the tips and advice in the book were coherent with what I heard from other people who've been there and done that.

There are several points that I think all of my friends should know:

1. Treat your boss as if he/she is your most important client of your own company. And make your boss looks good (p.43)

2. "You must assume all your emails are being read by the company, and Emails are forever." (p.51)---so no gossips nor negative complaints on emails. If necessary, confront it face to face (in private).

3. "Everything you do, every meeting, every client dinner, company party, you are onstage." (P. 144)---anytime when your boss and your co-workers are around, you need to keep up with the professional image you project.

I actually highlighted more lines in the book than I could share here. So do yourself a favor and get this book. You will be grateful that you read it before you start working.