An Article on Renting vs. Buying your home

I read this blogpost: Misconception: Renting is for Suckers at InvestorGeeks via yesterday. I like the rule of thumb ratio calculated by the writer:

$100 (rent per month): $12,500 (price of the property).

Looking at how much rent I'm paying right now, it seems that renting is still a more economical idea for me unless I find a house less than $100,000. That would be a challenge for me, since the median house cost in my area is about $331,500, according to

In case you are wondering,
the median home cost in Des Moines, IA is $129,200,
in Oakland, CA, it is $632,500;
in White Plains, NY, it is $589,700,
and in LA, it is $480,000.

In the mean time, before the housing price goes down to my price range, I may start looking into mutual funds or stocks and keep renting then. ;)