Where should I buy my study desk----IKEA

My unpacking and organizing of my home is almost finished.
And I'm now looking for my ideal study desk.
You know, since actuarial students spend at least several hundred hours on studying the exams, a good study desk and a comfy chair are necessary.

I found this unofficial IKEA blog "Positive Fanatics"
and I knew that IKEA is going to open in MI on June 7th!
Hm.....probably I'll wait for another week to check out IKEA before ordering it from officedepot.


Danby said...

of course! IKEA rules!!! Plus, office depot is too highly priced anyway...

James said...

Let me tell you -- IKEA is fantastic. My wife and I have bought furniture from Ikea for the longest time and have not been steered wrong.


- The style is very utilitarian and simple. It goes with just about anything.
- Assembly is simple


- Construction can be flimsy. Then again, it might be that way because when you put it in a moving van and drive it hundreds of miles, it takes a bit of damage. Then again, Office Depot furniture will do the same.