Silent equals Non-Existence----Margaret Cho

I was watching a Margaret Cho show on DVD last night. The whole show was totally hillarious and some of her ideas were though provoking. In the show, Margaret Cho talked about voicing out her opinions despite the fact of being a minority. She said,

"My favorite activist group was from the ’80s, ACT UP. They had a great slogan, “Silence Equals Death,” which meant that if we don’t talk about AIDS we will die of AIDS. I’ve got a similar slogan for me: “Silence equals nonexistence.”

Though Margaret was referring the slogan in the civil rights context. This slogan can actually be adopted to your life and your career. During a class, a meeting or a presentation, try to pay attention to the speaker and ask at least a question during the time. This doesn't only help you to focus during the time, it also helps you to leave an impression that you are an active listener and putting an effort to contribute.

You may already know this quote. Woody Allen said, "90% of success is just showing up." Sometimes, showing up is just not enough.
And you might also consider to speak up while showing up.