A Conversation with my Best Friend, J

J and I had a great conversation after we both found out the exam result.

Me: J, I didn't pass....please don't laugh..

J: Y, I didn't pass neither.

Me: Oh...okay.

J: Of course I feel happy for you if you pass, but actually I feel happier since you didn't pass too. I bet you feel the same way, Y.

Me: J, I'm glad that my "setback" of this exam does serve something good on the planet of Earth---i.e. making you feel better! By the way, haven't you heard of a saying "misery loves company"? Ha, you know I'm joking.

The initial setback during the journey of conquering a challenge keeps us humble. It also reminds us to focus and stay alert.

Remember this: "NO Exams, No Glory".