Tips for Actuarial Evening (or any actuarial recruiting event)

I just read a post by K about asking good questions during networking events.
Perhaps actuarial students can use some of the questions that K and Jill Konrath suggested during actuarial recruiting events.

While looking at the list of the questions on the screen and thinking about what I have done at the actuarial evening last year, I realised that I actually asked quite a lot of those questions!
(Hm, maybe there is a direct relationship of asking good questions and getting interviews?)

I particlulary liked to asked the competiton questions when I was talking to the principles and consultants of consulting firms (for example---Towers Perrin, Watson Wyatt, CCA, E &Y ....). Since people from consulting firms tend to be more aware of their competitons and want to get the best students before the other firms do, they will keep telling you why their firms are the best and why you (being the bright student) should join them.

Though all the questions on K's blog and Konrath's blog are excellent, don't ask them all at once! Other students are also waiting in line to talk to the company representative as well. ( So create a win-win situation for other people and end the conversation gracefully after 5 to 10 minutues.) Don't worry about the questions you did not ask, coz you can always use those questions in the interviews.