Comment about comments on RMA blog

Thank you for everybody's comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. Just a note, could you please identify yourself next time when you leave a comment please? (You don't have to write down your full name, as long as you have an initial that I can recognize ;)) I know some of you are my friends, but if you don't say who you are, I cannot tell who you are based on your writing style!

Let me give you an example, from the sitemeter, I knew that somebody from Miwaukee, WI left me a comment yesterday. So is that Ryan, Andrew or Joel left me a comment, I do not have a clue yet. Or the other day, I thought it was JS who left me a comment, it turned out that it was my co-worker's!

You don't have to register with Blogger in order to leave a message on my blog. You can select the anonymous option. But still, I would really appreciate if you can identify youself if you are my friends and leave a comment.

Thanks a lot.