The conference call of SOA Education Redesign

I was sitting in the conference room with 5 other co-workers for the SOA education redesign conference call today. The whole conference call lasted about two hours! Fortunately I didn't have too much work today so I could sit through the entire session.

From what I understand, here's what I thought about the new exam system:
1. The travel time to become ASA and FSA is shorter.
2. The SOA is trying to put in more financial-related and practical material into the cirriculum so that a FSA or ASA can be marketable to the financial industry.
3. Although the travel time to become ASA and FSA is shorter, the journey to earn the credentials is still LONG.

Since the SOA exam system has been changed a few times for the last 5 years, by the time when I get through the Exam M, C, 8 FAP modules, the system might be changing again! I think change is inevitable and the exam redesign committee are probably doing all the can to think of the best interests for all of the future actuaries. Let's hope that the change is for the better!


Anonymous said...

"1. The travel time to become ASA and FSA is shorter."

I don't think this is right. The distance to ASA is now shorter... the Modules which can be done in a few months replace 2 full-length essay exams. But the distance from ASA to FSA is about the same and if anything, slightly longer.