New Blood vs. Old Blood

My friend and I had a conversation last week regarding some policy changes in both of our companies. Both of our companies decided to reduce the workforce by several percentages.

When I knew the news on Thursday, I was tottally FREAKED OUT. Come on, I just started working two months ago and now the company is firing people? It turns out that people in my office were saved this time. According to my interpretation of what my boss's boss was saying, our office didn't lose anyone. (Still keeping my fingers crossed)

So I told myself, "Welcome to the real world."

I had a conversation with my Dad last night about this incident. What he said was insightful. He said, "Staff reduction is actually good for the company. If I were the CEO, I also want to get rid of the people who are not neccessary to the company's growth and hire some new people who are motivated enough to work hard to me."

He added, "as a new hire of the company, you don't have to worry about anything. Number 1, you are a "cheap labor", and number 2, a company needs the junior staff to do the grunt work. If you were a mid-level manager and you are getting high-paid but not as competent as the junior staff or offering values to the company, I would be worried for you."

So the morale of the story is---if you are competent and indispensable at what you do, you don't have to worry if your company is downsizing tomorrow. And you don't have to lose sleep over it.


Anonymous said...

Whew, safe. Let's work hard together!

prlinkbiz said...

Everyone is dispensible- job security is a myth. However I would agree with your dad that you shouldn't lose sleep over it. Instead, continue doing what you are doing- educating yourself financially and professionally. You job should be what funds your future investments, not something you cling to. You're on the right track!