I found 6 cents on Friday

I've been following Steve Pavlina's one million dollar experiement for awhile and reading his experiment on the subjective reality. And on Friday, I encountered my first alpha reflection from the universe.

On Friday lunchtime, I was waiting in line to buy my cajun chicken sandwich from Subway at the foodcourt. There were more than 10 people in front of me. So I had a thought, "What if I think everyone can be lucky whenever they want to and what if I think I'm lucky today?" I was thinking about this idea for a minute or two. A few minutes later, the guy who was paying his sandwich dropped a penny on the floor, out of his pocket. He didn't noticed it. So I thought, it's just a penny, who cares? I didn't think that's a sign or anything. A minute later, this guy dropped another 5 cents on the floor. He noticed that but he didn't bother to pick it up. I thought, "Are you kidding? Another 5 cents?"

I had to admit that it was a sign after all. I was debating if I should pick up the 6 cents since I was still standing in line and I didn't want to feel embarrassed. But I thought, "What the heck, I don't care what other people is going to think about me. It's a sign from the universe to me that I just created money out of the thin air and I'm going to take it!"

So I asked the guy who was standing behind me to save the spot for me for 5 seconds and I moved ahead to pick up the 6 cents.

You might think 6 cents is not a significant amount of money, but it didn't make my day. It's because I was intending to be lucky and that's why I came across this 6 cents.