Investment pointers for girls from USA Today

I was reading this article yesterday and I also made some copies of this article to my other twenty-something female colleagues. Though I studied finance in college, sometimes, I felt alittle bit clueless when I have to think about the retirement fund. (Come on, give me a break, I just graduated from college and am trying to get my feet wet to the workforce. Retirement? Probably in the next 30 years? Oh, that's too far for me to envision.)

So this article "Stocks are a Girl's best friend" USA Today offered some tips for girls specifically. Since females live longer than men, this means females have a longer retirement and that require a larger retirement fund. Here are some pointers from the article:

1. Put a larger percentage of your portfolio money into stocks.
2. Save for the rainy days---have a savings of 1 or 2 years of living expense in CDs or high interest bank accounts (like the HSBC Direct of ING Direct),