Personal Actuarial Service

I was reading the CRUSAP executive summary about two weeks ago. (It's not the most interesting read. Since I participated in one of the focus group while I was still in school, I thought it's worth a read to see what the result was.) In the report, it was mentioned about the potential areas for expansions of actuarial service to individuals.

I wonder what kind of actuarial service can be sold on a B2C basis. Who might need a personalized actuarial service/expertise other than buying an insurance or knowing how much benefits you will get at retirement?

Yesterday I read an article about a group of top executives from California State University system used an actuarial consulting firm to compare their compensation packages to other universities. And hence the top executives can use this research to their advantage during the time of negotiation.

This makes me think---what if we can sell this compensation research services to other executives individually before they negotiate their pay raise next time?

Well, this is just my attempt to link what I read to what I see it's happening.