An Actuarial Business Idea

Last week, during a company lunch, I was mentioning my actuarial-related business startup idea to some of my co-workers on my table.

Wouldn't it be cost-saving if you have your surgery or other medical services in other lower cost countries, such as India and China? So if you need an operation, your insurance company gives you an air ticket and you are on your way. I'm sure the cost will be so much lower even we include the air tickets and operating costs.

Some people thought it was a funny idea because they cannot imagine a bunch of sick people are taking a flight at the same time.

But still, I jotted down this idea in my idea notebook for future reference.

Just now, I was reading a blogpost by Tom Peters about outsourcing surgery. And I went on to check out the company which provide this service. It turns out, as I expected, the average medical cost can be lowered by 1/3.

Hm, this makes me think...can we outsource our retirements as well? Or how about outsourcing your college experience?


Anonymous said...

People already outsource their dating life:

The downside of the surgury idea is that people tend to like to have the support of their family and friends... but it is an interesting thought.


Anonymous said...

Wow Yukki, you are ahead of your time... just posted yesterday.


yync said...


Thanks for the link! Hm, I wonder how I got that inspiration to write this post the other day...Maybe it's inspired from the "future me" ?

Ryan said...

Or, maybe bored writers for USA Today browse around blogs to get ideas for stories... -RM

Christen said...

What are talking about? In the US, we have the best and most effective and safe medical system in the world! We would all die if we had medical care somewhere else! haha