Life and the Cosine curve

Here are some random thoughts about how a cosine function can be smiliar to life:

(My friend SS and I came up with this during lunch on Tuesday)

1. When time is 0, cosine curve starts at y=1 --- being born is one of the best moment in your life, even though you may not notice it at that time.

2. Cosine function is periodic. And the y-value varies from 1 to -1 in a general cosine curve-- There are ups and downs in life, maybe you think you are in the lowest point in life, just remember, like a cosine curve, what goes down, must go up (by the same magnitude too)

3. Just like a cosine curve, overall, life can be smooth and perfect when you look at it as a larger picture.

4. A cosine curve can be shifted up or down based on the change of variables-- depends on what choices you make in life, your life can be shifted higher or lower from your current situation.