Do you love your Actuarial work?

I was reading some quotes of Donald Trump at No Limits Ladies this morning. Somehow the quote on "loving what you do" stucked in my head. K wrote, "His point was that the person who takes a month off and doesn’t think about his work or the office, is never going to be truly successful because frankly, he doesn’t care enough."

There are quite a lot of people taking vacations during the holiday season (myself included). One of my co-workers went to Hawaii for two weeks right after the actuarial exam. I wonder if he ever thought about "his work or the office" (I bet he didn't. I don't think I would neither. Who do, really, when you are in Hawaii?)

From another article, Trump wrote, "If you don’t have passion, everything you do will fizzle out, or be mediocre, at best. "

Do you really love the actuarial work you do every day? Or you are in the actuarial field just because of the job pays the bill?

Everyday at work, whenever I remember, I ask myself, "Is this the work I really enjoy doing? What's the meaning behind the work that I do? Does it make a difference to the world?"


Kimber said...

Thanks for the shout out!
So true about loving what you do. Sure, you're still going to have to do that nasty stuff, but you should love the end goal.