The Friendship Highway

This is an analogy I heard from a friend a few years ago. Yesterday, I mentioned this analogy to Q. Since we are both the "creative" individuals, we added a few more ideas to this analogy to make it more interesting.

Let say you are driving on a freeway, there are other cars driving next to you with the same speed....those are your friends in life.

Sooner or later, some cars are going to exit and those are your friends that phase out or you don't really contact anymore.

Later on, some of the cars that you saw earlier (your old friends) will get back onto the freeway and drive next to you again...and i call it the "reunion".

Accidents are the drama occur between you and friends or others.

Traffic jams means you are being too popular and too many people want to be friends with you at the same time.

Constructions are life's setbacks (i.e., death of a loved one). You can still go around it. Though it may take some time, but life moves on.

A speeding ticket is a financial setback.

Internet friends are the cars you see on the expressways.

And to those who subscribe any personals website memberships, you are driving on a toll road ;).


kenshin_i said...

Hmmm.. you should give me credit that I inspire your entry about speeding ticket. Since I got the speeding ticket when we drove through highway last time. That said... do you want to contribute money for the speeding ticket I got ;) ? j/k
Anyhow, joking aside, I think that's a very good analogy.

quyt said...

I told my friend, Khai, about the analogy. I like her addition:
-Accidents are ailments.
-Construction is doctors administering aid.

In this case, accidents can be heartaches (or, drama between friends). Construction is going for counseling (i.e., psychotherapy and marriage counseling).