Online Image Trick-- use different online handles

Lori at SmartLemming had a post about online image polishing and how to protect it if you have one. Lori suggested "if you blog, then blog wisely." Coincidentally, the other day, my friend SC had a concern about what to blog or what not to blog as well. She mentioned, "You blog because you want other people to know what's going on in your life, but then sooner or later you are forced to not blog about some stuff because you don't want certain people to know."

A counter-tactic that I can think of is to have different online handles for different purposes. For example, you don't use your real name in a personals/dating websites (to protect your privacy right?). For the smiliar reason, if you have some kinds of fetish or weird hobbies that you don't want too many people (especially your co-workers or employers) to know, but you still want to blog about it or participate in the discussion forums anyway, then create a new email account and have an online handle that is totally different from your professional image. My friend W said it's just like Sydney in Alias who adpoted different names/roles for different tasks.

Overall, your name is your brand. Choose wisely what you want to be associated with it.