A Quote that I've seen twice last week

"Care more than others think wise.
Risk more than others think safe.
Dream more than others think practical.
Expect more than others think possible."
--Author Unknown

My friend CL was explaining this quote with some real life examples to me last weekend. I thought it's a quote that every person with an entrepreneur spirit can remember. Last night, I was reading the first page of "Pour your heart into it by Howard Schultz" and I saw this quote again! After doing a brief research, it seems that the CEO of Starbucks is the first person who used this quote.

Things always happen for a reason, I think I should blog this ;) .


Evan Carmichael said...

It's a great quote and a great story!

Thanks for the reference!


Christen said...

So I went to the Drake Multicultural Retreat this weekend and that is the quote that Jan Wise started the weekend off with! such a great thing right now