My Simplistic Way to be Happy

Being happy is... living in the moments.
Being happy is... getting right answers while doing actuarial problems.
Being happy is... looking at the bright side of every situation (my best friend Jennie said, every cloud has a silver lining...).
Being happy is... being able to breathe and feeling alive.
Being happy is... having lunch/dinner with someone you love.
Being happy is... sipping a gingerbread latte (by claiming that I'm experiencing the American culture ;)).
Being happy is... finding a good parking spot.
Being happy is... eating my favourite creme brulee in a relaxing Saturday afternoon.
Being happy is... getting a call from a friend.
Being happy is... doing something that may make a difference to others.
Being happy is... receiving a comment on my blog from someone I look up to...

Anyway, now you probably think I'm a person who's very easy to please. I often see things in a simplistic way and this becomes the way I see life. When I feel happy, I am content.

"Contentment is the happiness of one's situation in life "

(P.S. This is supposed to be a comment to Lori's post on her happiness vs. contentment. Then I kept writing and writing...The comment is getting too long and so I decided to make it a post ;) ---YY


Jim said...

I am impressed with your blog. Very informative, thought provoking at times, and "real". Keep up the good work! Hope you would be somewhat happy receiving this comment! (discount it with the fact that I am probably not someone you look up to)


yync said...


Thanks for the comment. Yes, I'm happy because you made my day!


Lori said...

Hi yync, thanks for the comment that evolved into a post. Sometimes it's wonderful to have a reminder that happiness can be the simple things in life and not the complex function of other elements!

Also, thank you for being open and appreciative. :)