My Collection---Friendships

Some people collect stamps, others collect baseball cards or comic books, and I collect friends.

Just like every stamp tells a story, there's a story behind every friendship. Some people have their own favorite comic books in their collections. They would take it out to look at it once in awhile. I stay in touch with my friends whenever I can. (e.g. next week, I'll be in Chicago to see some of my college buddies. JS, I'll keep my words and come to NYC to see you early next year!)

Through a common friend, My friend S and I are going to have lunch with a very accomplished actuary next month. It would be a good opportunity to ask some questions and to learn. (i.e. I love picking people's brains for ideas and experiences). Of course, I have to tell my boss about it since the lunch will be on a weekday and it takes about two hours (including time to commute). The first thing my boss said to me was, "You are very good at networking."

I don't know if this is networking or not. Somehow, I feel "networking" has a negative connotation of using a friend or job searching. One thing I know, is that, I love making friends and connecting with people. It's fascinating for me to hear their stories, where they came from, their failures and successes, and their dreams and aspirations.

In "The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell", there are three types of people who shapes the world---the Connector, the Mavens and the Salesmen. Hopefully, I will be a Connector someday.