So you think Actuary is HOT?

I saw this link from two days ago. Hm..interesting. Some people out there really want to date an actuary?! (Please, don't tell me this is a joke.;))I heard often that my girl pals want to date a doctor, an architect, an artist...This is my first time hearing people think actuaries are hot. (On behalf of all of my actuarial friends, to whoever wrote this on craigslist, kudos to you!)

Though this post has been up on craigslist since September, if you are interested, it's still worth a try. Who knows you may find your perfect someone? ;)

However, before you hit the reply button, read the fine prints first: "No jokes about figuring the probability that we will actually end up together. That's too nerdy." So, don't tell any of these actuarial jokes on the first date. (Maybe you can save it for the 2nd or 3rd one, if you are really running out of things to say...)

For this reason, I won't be using the probability models I learned from Exam M to speculate the chances of success here. Good Luck!