Holiday Party heads up

SC had a really great Winterfest in her office. (Nice dress, by the way;).) This reminded me that my office holiday party is next month. (Originally the party should be held last year Christmas, but they were running out of budget.) From the invitation email, it said we were encouraged to bring a guest. So here comes two questions:

1. What dress should I wear? (I'm really lazy to go to the mall again. Probably I'll ask my mom to get a Qipao for me.)
2. Who should I bring? (Again, I'm really lazy to find a date. Anyone interested to come with me? It's free WINE and food!)


quyt said...

Oh, you have GOT TO send me a pic of you in that qipao!

Anonymous said...


Hahahha....All right, I'll send you a pic of myself in that qipao IF I like what I see :)


yync said...


Just another update- I sent my size and measurements to my mom last night and she's going to buy the qipao tomorrow! She said she would send me a pic after that. I'll keep you posted.


Christen said...

what about r?!? you can't take her as your roomie?