2 vs. 17000

SS and I created a Wikipedia page for our company two weeks ago. The funny thing is---Wikipedia has been created since 2001, it was one of the top 10 Google search last year, but NOBODY out of 17000 people in the company has ever thought about creating a Wikipedia page for the company at all!

Probably Wikipedia was not on the radar screen of the IT or PR people in my company. Probably people may think Wikipedia is not a credible source. But hey, who doesn't use Wikipedia nowadays when you have to look up something?

SS and I both thought we were so "innovative" (though it's quite easy in our case). However, when we were so excited to share what we did to other people in the office, most people gave us a blank look and asked us "What is Wikipedia?" or "What is wiki?" Someone even said, "Oh, even if I knew how to do it, I won't even try. Who knows if the company likes it or not?"

Well, I guess it is true that most people will say no or offer their two cents of criticism (they may not realise it) to your idea. 'Coz they can't see what you see in that idea.

So this is our first gig (and more to come hopefully). And SS and I call our teamwork as the "S+Y Production". :)

Based on my example, perhaps being unique is not as difficult as we thought before. Actually it's fun to be unique. Like what Tom Peters wrote in his book "Re-Imagine!","You do not only want to be considered as the best of the best, you also want to be considered as the only one doing what you do. If you are not unique, why bother?"