Passion and The Little Prince

I'm glad that Lori brought up some tips and pointers on finding passion. I'm also happy that someone did ask that question of "How do you find your passion?" (That is an excellent question, by the way ;))

Here's the point that I particularly like, "passion is something that you find in the oddest places sometimes during the journey. It’s rarely a destination....I know you’ll find it or it will find you. Trust me".

Somehow this reminds me of the story of The Little Prince. If you have heard of the story, the Little Prince left his asteroid to explore the universe in order to cure his loneliness (since he thought the love from his rose was insincere as the rose lied to him once). So he travelled to different planets and finally arrived at the Earth.

On the Earth, he met a Fox (it is indeed a wise fox!). This is what the Fox told the Little Prince, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.....It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important." This helped the Little Prince to realise that he still loves the rose on his asteroid.

The Little Prince went through a journey/space travelling to find out what love is. Though we may not have to go to a desert to talk to a fox, it is still a journey to find out what we love to do in life.

If what is essential is invisible to the eye, then passion is probably intangible too. Hopefully when I find it, I can also see it with my heart. Yeah, I know, there's no quick fix in this matter- I can't buy a Instant Passion Mix from Wal-mart, bid a second-hand/used passion on Ebay, nor getting a brand new passion with discount at Amazon. This is a DIY project.

P.S. What if I'm really good at the art of doing nothing? ;)