Some Random Thoughts

It's been a crazily busy week again. There were quite a few things happened but I didn't have time to write everything down. Here's the sum up:

1. The ASM manual was out of stock again. (Come on, why is it out of stock all the time? We are not talking about Wii or the next Harry Potter book here!!!) From the website, it said it will be back in stock this Thursday. So hopefully I'll start my studying next week.

2. It's not easy to take care of a person. (Okay, it's already hard enough to take care of myself! )

3. This phrase "I love you" is too overused here. Do we really know what love means? "I love you" is easier said than done.

4. Sometimes I just wish that my parents are living in the same town, so that I can go over to their place for dinner every week.


Anonymous said...

If you can still cancel your order, you could ask Leslie if you can buy her manual for C.

yync said...

Thanks for the headsup. Actually the ASM material was shipped two days ago, and hopefully it will arrive next week monday.