Study Updates

Before I move on to the next exam, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Yufeng Guo . I took Guo's online course to prepare for Course M last year and it was one of the success factors for me to pass my exam.

Just like what Guo said at the beginning of the course, "taking an actuarial exam is just like climbing Mount. Everest. You need preparation, discipline and motivation to succeed. You also need to have the right attitude."

Now I'm carrying over this mindset to prepare for my Course C. No, Guo didn't offer Course C online course at this moment. And I have to look elsewhere for a good study material. I bought BPP a few weeks ago, but it's been such a pain to carry that Q&A folder around since it's too heavy (I study both at home and at the office). So I bought ASM last night, but it won't be shipped until 1/19. In the meantime, I'll read the BPP manual just to get an understanding for the material.


Anonymous said...

Good choice going with ASM... it is awesome for C!