Table Topics and Fortune Cookies

I kept my word again-- I gave a speech and a table topic at the Toastmasters meeting today. One of my New Year resolution is to give a speech every time when I attend the meeting. As usual, I didn't really follow the rules of Table Topics, I did my own mini-improv speech for two minutes. Actually it wasn't really an improv since I used most the materials which I blogged yesterday.

This is how I began (I thought it was quite a good opening since everyone laughed about it ;), I said, "Every time when I volunteer for the Table Topics, the act of drawing and reading this little piece of paper always reminds me of breaking the fortune from a fortune cookie. So let''s talk about a fortune today. And let me be a little bit more specific---my New Year Fortune...."

Actually I am not as scared of public speaking as I used to be. Indeed, I'm quite looking forward to the Toastmasters meeting. Sometimes it's good to have a break to use some humors and share stories with a group of people. Since I'm crunching numbers in benefit calculations and dealing with the pension accounting rules 1/3 of my day (Yeah, how fun is that?!), I just want to do something creative to feel alive.

If you ever get a chance to attend a Toastmasters meeting, or if you ever wonder if you should ask a question or speak up during your office meeting, remember this quote:

"Do one thing everyday that scares you."--Eleanor Roosevelt

In addition, I would suggest "Do one thing everyday that makes you smile." :)


Anonymous said...

Hi YY,
I think it's amazing that you're doing two things: (1) Toastmasters; and (2) Want to do one thing scary a day per Eleanore Roosevelt. There aren't many knowledge workers that are as self-aware as you are. Kudos to you! May you have a very Happy New Year!


yync said...

Hello Lori,

Thanks a lot for the compliments! Well, I guess I'm just trying to prepare myself while still searching for my true "calling" (like what I told you last time). So when I finally find it, I'll have the tools ready to make a bigger difference.

Happy New Year to you too!