A coming up info session- I need your inputs

I'm coming back to my Alma mater in early March for an info session representing my company. (Yay, free trip. :) Wait a second, this free trip comes with a price- which is giving a presentation.) My session will be focused on the retirement consulting and it will last about 15-20 minutes.

Given the constraint of time, if you were the student, what do you want to hear from me?

And obviously, I still haven't figured out what I'm going to say at the presentation. And that's why I would love to hear what you say.

(In a way, I want to say something interesting and inspiring to encourage the students to work in this field. I also want to talk about things that I did (if there were any) which made a difference . Wait, are the work (technical/grunt work) that I did really that interesting?)


Anonymous said...

data cleaning and benefit calc!

I think you can focus on how your company helped you to grow as a retirement consultant, versus speaking about the pension consulting industry in general.

sherine leoh said...

i am sherine from Drake. I would really love to attend your presentation. I think you should talk on interview tips..lol.. btw, i really love reading your blogs! it's very very interesting.=)