Passion to find a passion

G asked me what I have been up to recently since I missed my last meeting. I told him I've been thinking about a very important question- i.e. What is my passion?! G said everyone in the business world has been talking about finding passion recently, it was a trend.

Well, I guess I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone.

Then I told G, "You know what, speaking of which, I think my passion is to find a passion!";)

Ha, I thought it sounded funny and actually it is fun to play around with words.

I'm grateful to know G. G constantly reminded me of developing my "innate humor" (Who knows if this is my superpower ;)) since it can really enhance my communication (i.e. to diffuse a tense situation or to get the points across). And now, other than studying, I have my excuse/ valid reason to watch my favourite sitcoms and also visit the comedy clubs more often :).