My Imaginary Friends

Since one of the major freeways in my city has been closed for construction til November, my commute is becoming longer and longer. There are three things that are always with me when I am driving to keep me company. Guess what, I love them so much that I even give them names like what I did to my toys when I was a kid.

And let me introduce my new toys/imaginary friends to you:

1. Carmen (a.k.a my Garmin GPS)-- Recently, Carmen is a little bit confused about how to take me home due to the constructions. Sometimes she would tell me to make a U-turn on a freeway! There's one time I thought she totally lost her mind and I just had to tell her to take a nap (turn it off ;))

2. Sandy (my Creative Zen mp3 player)-- Sandy keeps me entertained with music (my recent favourite: Not too late- Norah Jones) and audio book (oh, this is a funny one, Margaret Cho- Assassin) so that I wouldn't feel too irritated when everyone is driving so slow.

3. Sammy (my Samsung cellphone)-- Sammy helps me connect with everyone!! I don't really play with Sammy that often while driving though, as I always forget to recharge the blue tooth earpiece.