Table Topics- Superheroes

I was checking the agenda for the Toastmasters meeting a few days ago and I found out I am the "Madam Table Topics" for tonight. Weird, I didn't remember I signed up for that. Actually, T, another Toastmasters friend thought I would be interested and so he put my name there. (Anyway, nobody was going to volunteer for the task.)

Like I said last time, the table topics is like the fortune in the fortune cookies. So take it easy, imagine you are sharing that piece of fortune and your stories with your friends and family after a Chinese dinner.

I always wanted to talk about superheroes in the Toastmasters meeting. (Most of my friends know it already, I can talk about superheroes all day long and they know how much the superheroes mean to me ;)) So the Table Topics that I created this time are about superheroes. I think it will be a lot of fun to hear about other's favourite superheroes, what superpower they want to have, and what they are going to do with the superpower etc.